Korean Traditional Architecture

Walls of Hanok, the Traditional Korean House

Photographs by Cha Jang-sup

Korean Old Houses

Texts and Photographs by Kim Kwangon

Hanok (English Edition)

Edited by Yi Ki-ung
Photos by Photos by Seo Heun-kang and Joo Byoung-soo
Translated by Isabella Ofner and Tina Stubenrauch

Hanok, The Traditional Abode of Koreans: Images Capturing the Essence of Yesteryear’s Residential Culture

Edited by Yi Ki-ung,
Photographs by Seo Heun-kang & Joo Byoung-soo

Nogudang: a Villa in Green, Where Nature and Humans Are in Harmony

Texts by Jung Yun Sup
Photographs by Seo Heon-Kang

Gangneung Seongyojang: Graceful People, Beautiful House

by Cha, Jang-Sup

A Study of Korean Pagodas, Part A—Overviews

The Complete Works of Ko Yu-seop, Volume 3

A Study of Korean Pagodas, Part B—Topical Treatises

The Complete Works of Ko Yu-seop, Volume 4

A Draft of Korean Architectural Art History

The Complete Works of Ko Yu-seop, Volume 6

Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung Palaces : The Fall and the Rise of Joseon Dynasty

Texts by Han Young-woo
Photographs by Kim Dae-byeok

Sowon Architecture: Traditional Korean Architecture of Institute for Higher Learning and Sacrificial Rite

Photographs by Ahn Jang-heon
Texts by Lee Sang-hae

The Story of Traditional Korean House

By Park Young-soon et al.

Landscapes at Youlhwadang and Hwalrejung, Sungyojang

A Photographic History of the Sungyojang Family 1849-1955

Compiled by Yi Hyeon-ui

Tapgol of Gyeongju Namsan

By Yoon Kyoung-ryol
Photographs by Ahn Jang-heon

The Choga, Straw-Roofed Korean Cottages

Photographs by Hwang Huen-man
Texts by Kim Hong-shik et al.